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Louise Egan is the author of Thomas Edison: The Great American Inventor (Barrons) and writer/editor of I Remember When Mom … Stories about Mothers (Andrews McMeel) and the Whole Christmas Catalogue for Kids (HP). She is also the editor of the best-selling children's anthologies, The Classic Treasury of Children’s Poetry (Running Press) and the Classic Grimm’s Fairy Tales (Courage).

Ms. Egan is a corporate language trainer who helps native English speakers and foreign speakers better express themselves orally and in writing. As a private instructor, as well as an instructor for Primera Languages for Business, and Cartus, the global relocation firm, Ms. Egan teaches individual, customized classes for Fortune 500 executives and their family members, adults and children, from all over the world. Ms. Egan speaks Spanish, Portuguese, French and German. She also teaches Essential English Grammar and Advanced Writing classes (for native speakers of English) and a class in phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions (for international students). You can read Louise's blog on English grammar and usage at The Language Lady. She received her B.A. from Northwestern University.

A mother of three children, all of whom have performed in this pageant, she resides in Manhattan, New York, with her husband, Bob.